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  1. cd ~/Desktop which is the same as typing /home/username/Desktop because the ~ will by default point you to the directory of your username. Think of it like ~ is equal to /home/username. cd /home/username/Desktop; Or doing it by steps: cd /home, cd username, cd Desktop.. at last! to know in what directory you are in type pwd (Print Working.
  2. ty.. i reinstall'd node.. run the which node and got a path. and now i can run files by: cd/TO/THE/PATH/ node daizahnishndarmeztizuru.xyzinfo thanks for youre answer:) – Mads Andersen Nov 22 '13 at add a comment | 1 Answer 1.
  3. Jan 27,  · hey i still haven't decided to get ps2 or xbox. but i am leaning towards a xbox because it has HD and i can run all the games from hardisk and also use it as a mp3 player and other stuff. i am still gonna miss tekkan and final fantasy ps2 games. but i am not gonna buy a console to play old games anyway. most new games come out on both consoles anyway with some exceptions.
  4. Apr 01,  · PC Gamers VS Console Gamers (Here We Go Again) - Duration: I know I'm Awesome Recommended for you. Ultra Settings Suck - .
  5. May 10,  · To become the most wanted racer, players must build up their street cred and Rap Sheet with gripping, white knuckle, head-to-head races with the top drivers on the streets, as well as pull daring, evasive moves to out-run and out-fox the cops that patrol the open road.
  6. Mar 08,  · not really, cloneCD creates all those files. if you look at my ISO folder, i have a bunch of files, not just singular ISO files. anyway, let's break it down. daizahnishndarmeztizuru.xyzinfo is the meat. that's where all the data is. daizahnishndarmeztizuru.xyzinfo is the cuesheet, that tells whatever program you load it in where the data is, for example, what file is the image and where the CDDA audio is. it also helps with burning to.
  7. To speak in a gossipy or clueless manner, usually to the distain of others. Quite common in Marine Corps recruits.
  8. The console will automatically suck it into the Wii U console; the software should show up in the Disc Channel in about 5 seconds for a Wii U disc (they have faster data-read-speeds) and

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