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  1. Harry Houdini Last Seance Oct. 31, The Harry Houdini Séance is a tradition that has been carried out since 31st October with the intention and hope of communicating with the spirit of Harry Houdini. The specific date is symbolic because Houdini died on the same day.
  2. Nov 01,  · Others continued the tradition after Bess’s last séance in This Halloween—the 92nd such remembrance—was no exception, with at least three Houdini séances being held. The “Official Houdini Séance” for took place at the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore.
  3. “My last hope is gone. I do not believe that Houdini can come back to me, or to anyone. After faithfully following through the Houdini ten year compact, after using every type of medium and seance, it is now my personal and positive belief that spirit communication in any form is impossible. I do not believe that ghosts or spirits exist.
  4. official Houdini Seance in Appleton, Wisconsin. It continued the string of annual seances held Halloween night since Houdini's death on that date in Post-Crescent photo.
  5. The Original Houdini Seance dates back to , the first year after Houdini died. Houdini's wife Beatrice (Bess) Houdini held a seance for Houdini for 10 years, mostly in the form of a tribute. When she stopped doing the seances, she asked a friend of Houdini's, magician, Houdini ghostwriter, and Houdini biographer, Walter B. Gibson to.
  6. The final Halloween Houdini seance was October 31, (the tenth anniversary of Harry Houdini's death), on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood. This was the greatest attempt to .
  7. Today is the 88th anniversary of the death of Houdini. Today also marks the anniversary of The Final Houdini Seance on October 31, This was Bess Houdini's tenth and final attempt to contact her husband from beyond the grave, and it was held with great fanfare in Hollywood 78 years ago tonight.
  8. Oct 29,  · Bess held an annual Halloween seance for ten years in an attempt to break through into the spirit world. The secret message never came through – Harry never made contact from beyond the grave. After years of silence, Bess decided the October 31st, seance (heard in the recording above) would be the last.
  9. Every year since his death in there has been a seance held in hopes of communicating with Harry Houdini. This year the seance will be held at the Brava Theater in San Francisco where Houdini performed years ago. You can listen to a recording of the last Houdini Seance performed with Bess Houdini .

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