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  1. OCHA: Gaza Strip – Snapshot – May June 30, AM OCHA Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, Human Interest, Human rights, News Report 0. 30 Jun. AM. United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Monthly Highlights.
  2. Jun 17,  · The Israeli Navy and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip from the northern area of the .
  3. Gaza Strip: Humanitarian Early Warning Indicators (Oct. ) – OCHA Infographic Factsheet, Infographic Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
  4. Jan 06,  · The Gaza Strip is a narrow piece of land along the Mediterranean coast between Israel and Egypt. Just 40km (25 miles) long and 10km wide, it is home to more than million Palestinians. The shape of the territory was defined by the Armistice Line following the creation of Israel in and the subsequent war between the Israeli and Arab armies.
  5. The Israel–Gaza conflict also known as Operation Protective Edge (Hebrew: מִבְצָע צוּק אֵיתָן, Miv'tza Tzuk Eitan, lit."Operation Strong Cliff") and sometimes referred to as the Gaza war, was a military operation launched by Israel on 8 July in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Following the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas members, the IDF.
  6. May 30,  · In response, Israel invaded Gaza, occupying the strip for several months before international pressure forced them to give it back to Egypt. Get our .
  7. The Gaza Strip fell to British forces during World War I, becoming a part of the British Mandate of Palestine. Following the Arab-Israeli War, Egypt administered the newly formed Gaza Strip; Israel captured it in the Six-Day War in Under a series of agreements known as the Oslo accords signed between and , Israel transferred.
  8. All the latest breaking news on Gaza Strip. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Gaza Strip.
  9. Aug 04,  · On July 8th, Israel launched Operation "Protective Edge" against Hamas in the Gaza strip. After "Summer Rains" in , "Cast Lead" in and "Pillar of De.

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