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  1. This is an analog signal standard, meaning that the electric current is used to proportionately represent measurements or control signals. Typically, a 4 mA current value represents 0% of scale, a 20 mA current value represents % of scale, and any current value in between 4 and 20 mA represents a commensurate percentage in between 0% and %.
  2. Temperature Rating, Min°C (-4°F) Jacket Color Chrome Gray Bend Radius, Min. Inches Jacket Thickness Inch Nominal Capacitance, Mutual, Nom. 25 pF/ft Capacitance, Grounded, Nom. N/A Jacket Material Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Dielectric Withstanding, Min. V RMS Sunlight Resistant No D.C. Resistance, Max. Ω / ft. Oil.
  3. Air Operating Range refers to the low and high range of air pressure used in controlling the actuator position, the air control signal. This is typically going to be an industry standard PSI or PSI, for instance. The “Bench Set” is the lower and upper air signal pressures used to set the factory preloading of the actuator spring.
  4. FANUC's Power Motion i-MODEL A Motion controller features pressure and position control, multi-axis synchronization, electronic CAM and high-speed response, scalable up to 32 axes. FANUC servo, spindle, linear and torque motors and drives are engineered to provide the best possible return in precision, speed, and efficiency.
  5. HPA6 from Eagle Signal at Allied Electronics & Automation. The HP5 CYCL-FLEX® series timer is a high quality, synchronous motor driven reset timer housed in the standard CYCL-FLEX® plug-in daizahnishndarmeztizuru.xyzinfo: Eagle Signal.
  6. Transmission Issues. Signal transmission is an integral part of every feedback control loop. We must recall, “ a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Therefore, excellence process control performance requires the signals to be transmitted between .
  7. The overall objective of signal control is to provide for the safe and efficient traffic flow at intersections, along routes and in street networks. A well timed signal system can reduce fuel consumption, eliminate unnecessary stops and delays, improve safety and enhance the environment. Timing Goals.
  8. Actuate To provide a signal or impulse to a controller input which is intended to cause an event or sequence of events. Signal origination is from a separate source such as a detector, coordination device or a manual control. Actuated Identifies type of control which responds to calling signals generated by action of vehicles or pedestrian.
  9. Rated flow is the control flow corresponding to the rated signal at a specified valve pressure drop. Rated flow is given in l/min (liters/minute), gpm (gallons/minute) or cis (cubic inches/second). Most servovalves are rated at a 35 bar ( psi) valve pressure drop per land.

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